Ny fredag, like flaut som før.

av Lise

ai now you dont love me, bout ai really want you will.
thats my inly wishes. that you will be mind.
joust mind forever. could you don’t be my lover forever?
thats my dream.
thats my haiest wishes on my world.
that you will be my lover forever
then enithig will be isiar
for you too
but spesiall for me
just be my lover
my lover forever
that will be sow maths bether
and the sun will shin old the day,
if you only cold be my lover forever

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Klam Poesi fra boken «hemlig», av Lise


thake a look arawnd. So maybe you see me. and if you look a little bit …. closer to me so maybe you se that good thing in me; so maybe you see that ai need someone like you, somon like could hold araud me, and kiss me and give me a hag.
so maybe you see that ai love you, so maybe you see me.
bacause if you take a look arawnd, so you come to see the good in evry one
And that i am here to help you. if you want.
Because is a good in evry one. If you just take a look arawd.

Bejutiful; en klampoesi-maraton

Lise Weltzien

Vi åpner Klam Poesi 2013 med spennende engelske dikt fra boken hemlig, av Lise Weltzien! Gled deg til kommende fredager, det kommer nemlig mer. God lesning!


i standig out in the rain with you. it still and you look on me, with your wonderfool blue eys!
i suck i suck and you fuck.
you fucking in the rain and i suck, i suck, sucking in the rain. and i now. i suck.
and you fouk.