Bejutiful-maraton med Lise, siste del!

av Lise

Ai have love you in a weary long time now
and my love to you is sow strong that ai soon don’t can hold on it longer.
i’m don’t now wat ai do
cold you don’t help me little?
because my love to you is so strong
i criae four you, day and night
show me the wings of love
i woonder about wher tey ar, a little pice of my heart is always with you.
Love is just one big thing: YOU!
be with me, to the love of the game. Please!
i need somebody to help me, and i think you the right pouhrsen. you my love. it’s you i wanna have.
so just come and take me!
then ai be the happyest ever!

Etter fem fantastisk kleine fredager med Lise, takker og bukker vi dypt og går videre til andre vakre og pinlige innslag neste fredag. God helg!

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Kjøss meg til himmels på engelsk

av Lise

you have been kiss me

i never ever hav been kissed before, bout ai really think that you skood do it soon,
because ai really want that you kiss me.

we have yes staart been togethar in a half year!
so ai really tink you skold kiss me

maybe to day, maybe tomorrow
injoy yourself
it yours toise.
bout ai think you skood kiss me soond
maybe hear, maybe dear
injoy self, just do it soon
kiss me to the sky
maybe to the onetinsky, maybe the seventin sky.
it akseli that same for me just you kiss me soon
but akseli ai think you skood kiss me to that seventin sky.
that is my wishes.